January: Anniversary- Dinner Date #1

After nearly 15 months of barely having any time away from my little one Miss Bee her big sister Kitty offered to mind her for our wedding anniversary in January. I’d been working hard on that bed routine and she was pretty solid so I figured it was worth a try. We booked a later time and headed out for a night of romance. Courgette restaurant is perfect for an intimate special dinner. The food meets my picky criteria for wanting something I wouldn’t be cooking at home. Something different, opulent and with that “wow” factor. The setting is modern and classy. Our table was right by the window overlooking a tiny Japanese influenced courtyard. It was bliss let me tell you. Having time to talk with Anthony. Not our usual dinner out with Miss Bee in tow: cutting food into bite sized pieces, or pulling out bibs, wipes… singing songs… praying she will behave all the while gulping down the food and sculling the coffee before she grabs it.

The meals there are awesome. It’s kind of weird as they give you this tiny little bit of decadent deliciousness yet by the end of the meal you’re full. It was over dinner I spoke about Twelvetimes. Set the idea before hubby. Goals for one thing but realising them is another. To realise goals you must plan, set aside time and actually want the goal to come true. “Nike” I say- just DO IT! Here we were “Nike-ing” our dinner date night for the month. Tick that one off! Big tick glittery tick given it was our anniversary plus a nice place plus Miss Bee was a perfect angel for big sister. Winning.


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