Mischief with Miss Bee

Playdough alphabet I like to keep Miss Bee who is about to turn 18 months as busy as she is. She loves to move and explore.

Monday we shared her new  DK books. I am mad keen on non fiction books and prefer books with photographs. She is mad keen on flaps to lift and is starting to tell me the names and/or sounds of some animals. I’m in love with My First Animals by DK as it categorises the animals using tabs. This is like a boardbook introduction to the concept that animals fall into different categories ranging from habitats (eg ocean), type (eg bird) to purpose (eg pets). She adores it and so do I. Starting early here but I am introducing counting and the alphabet.

Tots Tumbling at the PCYC this week was awesome as she not only climbed up on the wide beam but was dancing on it after walking the entire length. I can’t help but admire how her gross motor skills have progressed since starting this program. She shows NO FEAR and just goes headlong into every new experience.

Playdough is the latest offering at home. She’s finally old enough not to eat it (well too much…) At first I offered it to explore with her hands but have now put out items to stick into it- pasta and cut straws have proven appealing.

Oats sensory bin- she climbed in and spread that stuff over the kitchen but hey. she had fun! I’ll have to revisit a previous sensory play experience of spaghetti noodles soon.

Since getting her a table and chairs set she is suddenly  really into art. Maybe it’s the chunky oil crayons? or the table easel? either way I’m thrilled she’s finally into it. She’s still quite keen to try and drink the water colour water. But I think the message is slowly sinking in that it’s not a thirst quencher.

Today’s fun was crushing egg shells using a mortar and pestle. She really got into that and spread the crushed shell every which where. But luckily I’ve been training her to clean up and she helped sweep them up using a dustpan brush.. I used the broom then the dust buster!

I’m really wrapped with her language development. I gave her the cylinder which housed a window blind as a “slide/ tunnel” for toy cars. She said “up down” as she explored gravity and learnt to lift one end to make them slide out the other end.









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