Conquering Kosciuszko


I’m currently trying to work out if I’m dead.

We started our day at 6am and drove to Thredbo to climb the 13km to the Mt Kosciuszko summit the highest mountain in Australia. What were we thinking? I’ve had a knee reconstruction, we’re were sharing carrying a heavy 18 month old in Poco and we needed to be back by 4.30pm for the last chair lift ride or risk an additional 2.5hr walk!

As the alarm went I asked Anthony to check the BOM weather before we committed. Yes the gear was ready but not much point if it’s a washout. Plus dangerous with thunderstorms- especially with a toddler. Saturday morning the chance of rain was 20% but at 6am the chance was 50%! Hmm to go or not? We decided that even of it was a washout we would survive so off we went.

Brunch in Cooma was a treat. We went with what was open, but the 123 Café on the main street was ideal. Miss Bee had the obligatory Babychino while Anthony and I had a cooked breakfast. Mine was 2 poached eggs on sourdough with salmon and avocado all for a modest $13.

After initially finding the chairlift terrifying Miss Bee (who rode free) settled down in Poco for the ride. Our worries about “HOW does a toddler ride safely?” were all quashed as they slowed it to a near stop and the wonderful workers helped put her on and off. They said the carriers fit on the seat perfectly and indeed she was snuggly settled into Poco with us holding Poco with the vice grip of protective parents on the 15 minute ride up. She loved waving to people on other chairs as we passed.


The walk was at least not too hot around 21 degrees where Canberra today was 34!!! We let her run but soon realised this was madness as timewise we’d end up reaching the summit around midnight. LOL


Carrying a toddler on a 13km round trip UP A MOUNTAIN was rather “ambitious”. She was heavy and Anthony did the Lion’s share of the carrying. My knee started playing up going up the last gravel part to the summit… less than half way. But in the end WE DID IT. We were MORE than Good Enough. It was hard but we were champions. I nearly cried as we finished the walk. After my knee reconstruction I was doubting my ability to ever bush walk again and I remember telling the physio that I guess climbing Mt Kozi was a dream lost now. Yet here I was. I had not only done it with my bad knee but I had carried Miss Bee for around 4km of the walk WITH my bad knee! Plus I was fatter after all my fertility and pregnancy dramas.  I achieved a HUGE GOAL!!!!

Now… to the romantic part. Aussies will know the famous poem the Man from Snowy River which is set in the Kosciuszko area. It is an iconic poem by Banjo Patterson. I have read this poem to Miss Bee many times (usually trying to get her to sleep). Today I reworded part of the first verse to suit changing (((2))) poopy nappies on the alpine walk. Here is my ode and nod to Banjo:

There was movement in the nappy, for the word had passed around
That the poop of old Regret had got away,
And had joined the wild bush poops- it weighed a thousand pound,
And all the flies had gathered for the day.

Would I do it again? NO. Would I recommend it for other parents with a heavy toddler? NO. Were we in pain and praying a llama or camel or helicopter would appear and carry US? YES!!!!  Did we get sunburn? NO!!! lathered sunscreen on. Will we do the Blue Lakes walk? Hmm will need to review that walk regarding difficulty and length, then IF that meets the muster PLUS we rope Kitty in to help with the carrying of Miss Bee… maybe. Was is spectacular and a wonderful day with long held goals realised?… well YES.

This is the summit:


Oh and as you can see it was sunny, BUT as we got the chairlift down we felt a few rain drops. Within 10 minutes of reaching Thredbo it poured with rain and the temperature had dropped to 16. Alpine weather is notorious for sudden change.


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