Living life by Twelvetimes

As this is a reflection I included a photo I took in New Zealand  of a reflection.


Here it is early March.  I have been reflecting on how this idea of Twelvetimes is working and I have to say for the most part it is working brilliantly.

My soul feels more like me. I am living a life more authentic to me. I am present in my life. Mindful even. When I schedule for the things that I value I am actively creating my life. I push away the too busy in my and turn it around to say “I chose to make time. I chose to create memories NOW. I chose not to fritter away those precious years by saying one day. I will grasp my life and live my life.”

Two hiccups I find with the approach are:

1) I need to add “do nothing but slack around in my PJs with a coffee” as a once a month goal as this exciting life is also tiring. Sometimes I wish I had a weekend to recover from my weekend.

2) External events which conflict crop up unexpectedly. For example: I had prune the garden on my to-do list this last Saturday afternoon. I spent half of the afternoon at the shops buy bits and pieces for my International Dinner, that spilled over into a wonderful lunch and as it was so hot outside I didn’t mind cutting the time down a little. I finally went to start my pruning and the heavens opened up with bucketing rain. *sigh* Now I have to reschedule into my busy schedule into a time where someone can watch Miss Bee.

Despite these hiccups I find keeping a flexible mind allows me to say “oh well” and rebook it. Right now I have no idea what I am doing next weekend. I have only just finished sliding across the finish line from this precious weekend. One thing I do know is it’s on my calendar! I’ve already worked it out.

Thursday night we’re going to review the upcoming month to see if anything needs tweaking. I think a review night is critical as life is by nature dynamic. Plans change, new opportunities arise and people change there minds on what was planned. It’s good to plan but it’s even better to review… change, adapt and make it work. Make sure you’ve organised any supplies or bookings that make plans happen.

Scheduling life is an interesting concept. Planning to have more fun in my life has made me wonder if I could take the concept one step further. Is weekly or even daily a possibility? I realised I have been slowly shifting some things to ‘daily’ (is that by association Threehundred-and-fiftytwo-times?) I have chosen to incorporate little things that mean something to me (and hopefully Miss Bee in the future). Memory makers. Each night Miss Bee and I sit on the loungeroom rug and have quiet games and book time. The daily reading of shared books like her beloved Hairy Maclary and Spot. The afternoons in the yard with her roaming about picking the cherry tomatoes we grew from seedlings. Nightly family dinners at the table. Morning snuggles with Anthony before the “mum mum” starts for the day. These are the daily memory makers which build a life I can be excited about.

So how’s my report card going? BOLD are the ones I have done so far this year:

  • Go to the snow (too early in the season yet!)
  • Blue Lakes walk (buy a hiking baby pack- bought the carrier!!!) Need to read more and decide on that walk
  • Mt Kosciusko walk
  • go to Berry and look at maybe getting a cuckoo clock
  • monthly dinner with each set of parents
  • monthly bike ride
  • monthly bush walk
  • monthly gardening RAINED!!! Booo
  • monthly brunch of the month with mum friends
  • monthly dinner out as a couple
  • monthly Kids park- prefer with picnic lunch or snacks
  • monthly games night- hmm we haven’t done this one yet.. what happened in Feb?
  • monthly International dinner night
  • monthly meet up with friends
  • monthly breakfast or lunch out
  • Fire pit evenings 8
  • BBQs 10
  • craft on Tuesdays- right now I am also studying so am waiting to finish the term then start that one
  • beach at least 4 times
  • Taronga
  • live music -like 5150
  • Canberra Show
  • Multicultural festival
  • weekend away 4
  • train to Bungendore
  • Canberra Festival events
  • Botanic gardens
  • National Gallery
  • plan and book another big holiday… Great Barrier Reef? Fiji?
  • Knit 4 garments for Miss Bee-I finished knitting garment #1 on the way to Mt Kozi
  • Knit my own cardigan
  • Scrapbooking
  • crochet rug -my plan is complete the 3 short sleeve autumn garments then think about the rug

I’m curious. Anybody with the stamina to read this novella… please comment with your goals and dreams (who knows you may inspire me or someone else with an idea!)

What goal/s would you set if you started a Twelvetimes approach to your life?



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