Yellow for my sunshine


Knitting project #1 for Miss Bee has been completed! Luckily Autumn’s reluctance is well matched to my tardiness as I had pencilled in completing the two sleeveless garments by March. Hmm Hey, technically I have 2 weeks to do the second garment. Haa haa Yeah, not happening as I am currently studying too. Mid April… maybe, but March? Nope.

Anyway, this is the sunny yellow yarn I chose for Miss Bee to brighten up winter days. The cat button will appeal as she loves cats and I feel refreshed thinking about her sporting yellow with denim jeans rather than the generic pink shops seem to sell. Not to say she hasn’t got pink in her wardrobe, she does! More to say… let’s take choice up a notch and give her the chance to like other colours too.

The yellow yarn is an import yarn called Stylecraft Special DK in Citron which I bought from Demamores in the UK. At $4.33 for a 100g ball it’s cheap… even cheaper when you sign up and wait for a special to come on (like I did!). I waited until they had 30% off all Yarns. That’s about $3 for a 100g ball.  The vest cost me about $3.20 as I used a tiny bit over 100g. For about $60 I got enough yarn for a wide single blanket I’m going to crochet, a sleeveless tops and 2 long sleeved tops for Miss Bee.  All I need is the time now. Next project is the purple short sleeve tunic called “Bilby”.

These are the projects I have planned and the yarns I chose to make them with:

knitting2Knitting 1

I am also knitting a jumper using a hand-dyed pure wool which my friend kindly made to my dream of a “sky with clouds” theme. I can barely contain myself waiting until she dyes this year as I have asked if I can have a go and have dreams of Hydrangea toned wools for a cardigan for myself.

For anyone who likes to knit and/or crochet… I got all the patterns free off Ravelry. If you like to knit and/or crochet and haven’t joined Ravelry don’t blame me if you waste a billion hours surfing it for patterns by joining after clicking the link. I warned you… it’s like Pintrest for yarn people.

The best bit is Miss Bee excitedly examined her reflection in the mirror when she tried on the almost finished top this morning. She seems to like it. Tonight I added the buttons and threaded in lose ends.

This is the crochet rug I want to make for Miss Bee to have on her bed on chilly winter nights. I plan to finish it over the next couple of decades (oops I mean years). I want her to have it growing up as a child, she’ll move into a “big” bed some time this year but it’s way too unrealistic to think I’ll finish it this year.



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