Enough already with telling me


My news feeds seems littered with experts telling me what to do with my child. But funnily enough they don’t know me or my child. They don’t know my values, goals or family.

Yet they claim to tell me all the ways I will be happy. Naturally perfect parents are happy. The “should” lists of PERFECT parents build a big burden of guilt. Organic quinoa porridge for breakfast anyone? Must optimise brain development. Can’t have a DUMB kid. Must have a high achiever, nothing less is OK. But they must also be grateful, artistic, give to those less fortunate selflessly, play unhindered inbetween all those “must” do before they are at school activities. Have we rolled down a grassy hill yet? Where will I find a grassy hill that hasn’t got cigarette butts or dog poop on it anyway? Is there an App for finding that?

The wonderful lists that don’t actually mean anything to me.

10 things your toddler should be eating besides dog food.

15 reasons why you need a date night.

20 must read books before you read the next must list.

27 foods making you fatter than all the perfect mummies.

48 things never to say to your daughter- like don’t eat that food it will make you fat.

65 hacks for Christmas using up-cycled pallets and IKEA furniture

79 ways to praise your organic dog.

101 Dalmatians.


This interesting article saw me nod my head frequently. Especially the new age way where parents plead and ask their child to do things.

Katie Hurley, a psychotherapist in Los Angeles and author of The Happy Kid Handbook: How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World, says, “We’ve been conditioned to question ourselves—to constantly look for information to make sure we’re doing it right. Because of that, parents are in a state of learned helplessness.”

Yes, I think I like my way. Do what our family values. Tell Little Miss Bee “NO” because I know better. Have a tantrum? Too bad. Didn’t roll down a hill? Oh well..you did other stuff that they forgot to put on the list. Like eat dog food or balance on a skateboard.



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