Alpine Adventures


We’re going on an adventure!

When I told Miss Bee that we were going to go out with Poco on an adventure she literally grinned and jumped around. She loves our adventures and so do we.


Miss Kitty accompanied us THANK GOODNESS as she shared the carrying of Miss Bee in Poco. Plus Miss Bee walked some of it uphill all by herself. Yeah for energetic toddlers.


Today we did the return hike to Blue Lakes Walk in the Kosciuszko National Park. This blogger really helped us get a feel for the walk before we went. I totally agree with her thoughts and if you plan on doing this walk her post is very useful.


It is quite a hilly walk with lots of up up up sections and seemingly fewer down down down sections…but going back it reversed thankfully. Except the last hill up to the top is a killer as it’s long and steep. Luckily the weather was perfect and we were easily coerced into pausing to look at a flock of robin red breast birds frolicking in the low Alpine foliage. Alpine weather can change quickly. We all went from thin tops to jumpers and beanies back to thin tops in the one walk.

The most annoying part was driving there as we had inadvertently coincided with some major trialthlon cycling leg… lots of dodging bikes and runners. Parking at the top was crazy as they had put up “NO PARKING! TOW AWAY ZONE” signs everywhere. But we were hardly going to not park and turn around and drive home having communed from Canberra. Apparently lots of other walkers held the same sentiment as there were cars everywhere. Funny enough we weren’t towed away.


The walk was spectacular. But I confess I was petrified crossing the stepping stone boulders in the swiftly flowing river. Luckily Anthony is very sure footed and carried Miss Bee in Poco safely while I trembled and stumbled cautiously over. FYI- no a pram wouldn’t be suited. Unless you have some sort of ninja pram that walks or something.

10410498_10204551825354118_8986617268579502892_nIn places the track is pristine and paved like a public park. In other places the pavers are scattered like dominoes and quite difficult to negotiate.  Generally I’d say that the access was reasonable though.

We were excited to see some tents in the last little valley before the climb up to Blue Lake. If you look closely in the photo below you can see them! This lead to much discussion about camping. Hmm sounds divine.. or DOES IT with a toddler? Right near a creek? In the cold with a start of -2?


Our lunch of cheese and vegemite sandwiches and a banana muffin really hit the spot. I was pleased that even with a generous lunch break the walk only took 4hrs 40minutes. Not bad going for a 10km walk with a small child on hills.



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