Garden the soul

1936233_10204568048759693_2776235305986558575_nedWell I would like to preface by saying that this delightful montage is one of those internet lies. Not completely lies but definitely the highlight of the day not the lowlight. Miss Bee had her vaccination on Friday and since Sunday she has been a total demon spawn. Indeed I dare you to Google Demonic Toddler for a close up of Miss Bee these last few days.

After a few days of uncharacteristically waking through the night. Screaming and crying through the day and general malaise I figured

I had nothing to lose by doing some gardening with her.

After all she was a writhing pain anyway. After a trip to Bunnings which involved a near head spin we had our seeds! Sugar Snap Peas and Snow Peas, sadly they had sold out of Sweet peas but I will think about whether she is too psycho or not and maybe look somewhere else.


She did come good for the gardening so I smugly share these precious moments where she was finally content and even happy.

I had spoken to her about how we would plant the seeds we had bought and she really surprised me because as she watched me dig the dirt she went and got the seeds I had left on the picnic table. Our planting and tending of the summer tomatoes have obviously paid off!  She loved eating the cherry tomatoes off the vine and I can’t wait until the day she can harvest fresh Snow and Sugar Snap peas.

Watering in the seeds evolved into sheer joy and magic.  Maybe even more magic than the promised crop? Water play in the last warmth of early Autumn. Watching her explore and learn to drink from the hose was a delight.

Getting into nature saved our day. Getting dirty and free play has a way of capturing their minds. The motto of the day is Slow down and enjoy the moment. It will be gone too soon. Sure there are moments where we pray those moments will be gone swiftly… the moments when they are screaming mid tantrum.  But after so many years praying for Miss Bee to come into my life.

I choose to focus on the moment in the garden.

It was one of those perfect moments.






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