Easter Saturday Picnic and Park

We were feeling a little lazy but I decided a promise is a promise. Today was picnic and park day. It was so beautifully mild and sunny I literally had no excuse.

It was at 3.30pm I quickly buttered two sandwiches (yeah. confession it was lunch- but don’t fret over Miss Bee she grazed) sliced an apple and cubed some cheese plus three of the dyed hardboiled eggs we’d made the day before.  Our picnic was ready. Nothing flash but all good peasant style food and yummy. GOOD ENOUGH! Trust me it was delicious and Miss Bee was in heaven scoffing her egg.

For our picnic we went originally to Weston Park, but while a nice place for a picnic it is not very toddler friendly. Water play everywhere and then toddler play equipment I recalled from ages ago was long since replaced along with removing the very cool stuff like the wooden cubby house I remember climbing as a child. The “submarine” as we called it was gone too. It was this concrete maze of a thing with drops and tunnels to climb through. God I loved that thing. But in this day and age the nanny state deemed it no longer safe so instead there were two swings on the same spot that used to amuse up to thirty odd kids at a time. We abandoned the plethora of water and decided we’d better go to a different park altogether. Previously in our search for suitable playgrounds we’d found the site “playground finder” and seen this park Yarralumla Park. Luckily we had driven by the park and checked out it’s suitability a different day (when Miss Bee was sleeping). It was in the same area and literally 5 minutes away! I was about a million times better. Honestly I haven’t see a park this cool yet so unknown for a long time.

The Yarralumla park is next to the school (but not on school grounds). It has moderate shade and by far the coolest thing is a natural made cubby using branches around a tree (in my humble opinion).


We will definitely go back to this park! It has many cool things which will challenge as she ages. There are lots of different equipment along side the traditional slides and swings. There is a listening pipe, balance poles and a platform staircase of sorts. Plus a double slide! What kid wouldn’t love that!??!!!  There is a fence to corral the little ones (but it’s not fully enclosed) and at least one picnic table but no BBQs. There is a HUGE climb in/on rotating merry go round thing for older kids which looked so fun. Parking is available on site but is dirt. There are no toilets which is a downside. It is about a 2 minute drive to the Yarralumla shops which have toilets on the corner of Bentham and Hutchins Street. If you were feeling like coffee you could stop and get a takeaway one at the shops to take with you to the park!





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