Bunny Hop


Great excitement at our house as the Easter Bunny left a trail of eggs in our garden!

So much chocolate so little time….

On good Friday we dyed eggs. It was very easy but I still have dye on my hands. Oh well…

We tried oil crayon resist eggs and hot glue gun (well obviously Miss Bee helped rather than did that one alone!) Yikes. The trick is add vinegar to the dye and water. About a tablespoon in around 1 cup of dye will ‘eat’ into the shell so the dye stains it. Just a word on the hot glue gun eggs- they say “peel off the glue” as if that is easy. Perhaps I used extra strong glue but it ripped of bits of the shell with it. Just a heads up on that!


Other Easter craft included Miss Bee’s favourite current thing- STICKERS!!!! on a simple cut out shape of an egg and Easter Bunny on Easter Scrapbooking paper I bought on sale.






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