Finding my Twelvetimes groove

This whole Twelvetimes concept is working well for me.  Who would have thought that I would respond to a schedule?  I’m not exactly known for being an organised type. I’m often more the disorganised type.  Well that’s not entirely true.  Over the years I’ve had to be organised for some things.  Like work.  Like Christmas.  Like birthdays.  Big things where dropping the I’ve got my life together mask makes other people notice.  You can’t really forget to buy Christmas presents. .. Can you?  Actually I know of a guy who did. He ended up buying very expensive gifts at a Hyatt gift shop on Christmas Eve because all the other shops were closed. 

I tend to plan those big MUST NOT FAIL events that have an established date in advance. It was all the “one day”, no set date events that were being lost.  Events that if you forgot,  shrugged your shoulders on or let other everyday life things over shadow…. Well who’d know?  Well. ..I knew.  But the funny thing is even if nobody else knows I’m slowly knitting the next top for Miss Bee I KNOW.

The bit I need to convince myself on better is the good enough bit.  I confess that despite having made craft,  dyed eggs with the family and had an epic Easter egg hunt I still hear an inner voice saying “that’s great BUT you didn’t make hot cross buns like you’d planned.  The Easter cookie cutters didn’t get out of the drawer this year either.”  I sigh at myself disappointed. Miss Bee would have love to decorate cookies. .. sigh.  I guess I’ll have to just make random cookies. .. Rabbits are cute any time of the year aren’t they?

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