Playing natural

The play today was nature inspired for Miss Bee. She’s been really interested in the garden and lately I’ve been showing her that some leaves and flowers have a scent. She will rub her hands along leaves and sniff her hands. We’ve tried Rosemary, gum, coriander and lavendar flower stems.  Being careful to avoid bees.
Today we picked and smelled some Roses. Important to stop and smell the roses!  Then I broke out my latest find at good old Kmart, a $7 test tube vase track with 5 tubes.  Bargain!
I filled the tubes with a variety of dye colours from our recent egg eggsploration over Easter. Leaving one clear.

I’m rather impatient and luckily this experiment was quite fast result wise.

Within half and hour they were changing!  Now the weird thing is the cheap Queen dyes worked brilliantly whereas the expensive Wilton gel didn’t really work at all.  See. .. told you it was weird.



Two hours later. …

Blue Rose. ..


Red Rose


Purple (Wilton) Rose


Green Rose


They look really fun in their rainbow coats.  I can imagine dyeing them to coordinate with party colours.

Next I presented our collection of nature (from our yard and walks) on a tray with a few old favourites.  Then got the playdough out.  I retinted it to capture her attention.



This is a bit blurred but the kid is a speed demon.




I showed her how to make an imprint.

The third unplanned natural moment was her leaping fully clothed wearing her good leather shoes into the dog water bowl. .. Not quite what I’d hoped for!

This ends another day with Miss Bee.


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