Scrub a dub, parks, terror and pizza


We celebrated the warm weather by giving “Lulu” a bath. Seems easy enough? Trust me.. trying to find a doll you CAN put in a bath was hard. Some bath suitable dolls were just creepy looking, some had reviews regaling stories of the doll needing 2-3 days to drip dry! Come on? This is meant to be a versatile little friend who can slide down a slide, sleep in the cot and dip in the bath every now and then. I can’t expect Miss Bee to wait for her baby to dry. She is after all a toddler. We settled on buying her a Miniland  last Christmas which can also wear many baby born brand clothes as a bonus. They are anatomically correct and come in a range of races. I am planning to buy her another little friend for Lulu next Christmas… hmmm boy? girl? hard to choose they are all sooooo cute!


It is school holidays. Instead of her usual routines I am freelance. I can get up and go when and where I want. I am enjoying the freedom to come and go in a more natural toddler ebb and flow. Our “main stay” so far is park visits. She loves parks and by and large it has been a positive experience.

We have visited so many parks this week I can almost claim to be a local expert. A park enthusiast? Maybe even a guru? We have visited around half a dozen parks. As many as 2 a day at times. Saturday we visited Boundless (again). Being the school holidays and a weekend it was PACKED and parking was it’s usual weekend nightmare. Wish they would just add at least 20 more parking spots. The shade is still growing but the sun was shining mildly and we had a ball. Saturday night we had dinner at the Southern Cross Club Woden in Henry’s. There is a small padded climb though style park with a ball pit area within a glassed room. I’ve taken her there before for playdates and while it’s small it rather safe. Sadly the food is very much club food and not impressive. Bland and fried would be the best description.

Sunday we met toddler friends at the Tuggeranong Town Centre park. Talk about a basic boring park. The slide might excite the most cautious child under 2. There is a large playground without a slide… and lots of metal ladders. Super boring. All I can wonder is how the Yarralumla suburban park has better equipment that the local “BIG” park in Tuggeranong and can only blame vandals who stalk around Tuggeranong in packs like malicious teenwolves.

Monday afternoon we spent a good hour on the park at Tuggeranong Bunnings. Despite being very high and looking WAY too advanced (recommended as suited for 5yrs +). The steps are rather high but she nailed it and loved the long slide. Tuesday we stayed at home making our own fun.

Wednesday was another crazy park day with two visited. My child is officially some sort of agile part monkey creature.

She climbed up a cargo net which was higher than my head, scrambled up another higher platform to then slide down a giant curly red slide.


Now for those of you gasping in horror I will explain two things:

  1. There is no risk of falling from the top platform as the stair gap is closed in and the slide is a tube so she couldn’t fall off from the top. I was literally right with her while she climbed the net.
  2. Yes, I do sometimes have to calm my own nerves and just allow her to find her own physical boundaries by trusting her. But by doing this she has become confident and proficient.


Wednesday afternoon was a very difficult afternoon. We went to Westfield Woden and while she has been on the little indoor park many times I had failed to note it’s fatal flaw. Lack of emergency exit points. Most enclosed parks have zips for access but this one does not. I discovered this when another toddler cornered her then bit her, scratched her face and started belting into her head with fists. Just horrific when I saw her face as he approached- happy and welcoming then saw it change to confusion, pain and shock. She stood there petrified with huge tears streaming down her face and she screamed “mum…mum…mum”. Broke my heart when I started realising there was no way IN to save her. The other mum was telling her kid to stop but he wouldn’t listen. Kitty was with me and banging on the mesh yelling too…

he kept belting her again and again. Showing no sign of stopping.

She sent her older child in through the tiny gap who dragged the child out kicking and screaming like a wild animal. Miss Bee realised she was free and bolted into my arms as I had partially climbed in as much as I could. She sat head buried to my heart sobbing. I wonder if she could hear my heart breaking for her?

After the mother made a hasty apologetic exit from the park a little girl around 3 came up to Miss Bee and stroked her on the cheek. “Are you OK?” My faith in humanity was restored. I hope Miss Bee’s was too.

Thursday was another crazy park day. The morning was spent meeting playgroup friends in the neighbouring town of Queanbeyan at the aptly named Queanbeyan Park. It was beyond packed as there was an event of some sort running which we hadn’t known about. That said there are many cool things at this park. HUGE ride in spring car and wagon, 2 slides, a toddler area and ample shade including shade sails. It is FULLY FENCED!!! A softfall bike track meanders through and around the inside of the fenced area- ideal for practicing scooters or ride on trikes. There is even a tennis half wall enclosed for older kids to be entertained in while youngsters play on the park.  We spent a fun afternoon free and climbing on our old secret favourite the Yarralumla Park with Aunty and Cousin.


This is what I love doing with my toddler. Quiet times, unrushed where she can DO not just watch a passive screen. Today we made lunch- Pizza from scratch. She helped knead the easy 2 ingredient no yeast dough. Super easy dough that for a non yeast quick dough was ample for a lunch pizza shared with myself and big sister. Step by step she made the pizza with me.


How is my detox going…. glad you asked. Pretty well! I quickly realised my older daughter likes to text me OFTEN so I needed to increase the number of available texts to accommodate that. I love how the App tells me “NO” using a nice reminder.  I am more present and am liking it. I catch myself wanting to check my little buddy… and it’s a way to quit that habit.

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