Canberra Playground “bucket”list


Boundless April 2016

Miss Bee loves being outside running climbing and sliding down slides with the wind in her hair. The only trouble is our local park is kind of old, decrepit and plain dirty. Thus begins my search for new fun cool parks to take her to! According the site Weekendnotes these are the top 10 parks in Canberra.

We can tick off John Knight Memorial Park, Boundless and Mini Q on her list. But I think they should have added Yarralumla to the top 10 as it’s just so fun and easy to supervise.

Here’s my previous post about park adventures.

Here are some more for our bucketlist:

Crace park looks fun even if it is on the other side of town. Looks like lots of variety.

Fadden pines is closer but I admit she has there when she was not quite walking and all that loose tanbark left her decidedly filthy which has put me off. But I guess I just need a change of clothes and make sure she’s not wearing something I like too much lest the stains refuse to be soaked out.

The Canberra Hospital park. Now that it is cooling down I am game to try it. I find soft fall bring out my latex allergy so avoid soft fall whenever possible in summer due to the off gases cause me to react. It is a COOL park and BONUS there is a café next level up.

Springybark rise (wherever that is.. I assume somewhere near Crace..!) It has a car theme… then end. She loves cars.

Glebe Park playground looks great. I usually avoid Glebe park worrying about what I might find there- like perhaps a syringe? or a broken beer bottle?  But it at least LOOKS clean. We’ll give it a try. Thankful for the dreaded soft fall in this instance.

Black Mountain Peninsula Playground it’s been some years since I went there but I do recall that it was ungraded and looked kind of cool and funky.

Heritage Park in Forde pretty sure that is North too. But wowsers that park looks cool. Wish they’re upgrade our Southside parks like that.

Holder Park looks basic yet I think Miss Bee would have fun.

Corroboree Park Ainslie has had a fantastic upgrade and is a hop and skip from a brunch at Dickson I think!

Tidbinbilla is also on our list but it’s a longish drive and timing it to make the most of the entry fee makes it hard while she’s younger. That said, we could do a walk with Poco and there are kangaroos and emus.



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