Changing my name

One day I will do a running tally of how many times Miss Bee says Mum in a day. But I’m not sure I have enough time to tally that. Sometimes it’s joy when I hear her calling out other times I wish my clone would respond.

Mothering a toddler

Nothing quite says”good morning mother of a toddler” than having her tip out the vast cufflink,  tie pin and lapel pin collection of her dad’s onto the floor into a giant mishmash of glitz.  Then after painstakingly repacking them discovering she’s sipping water outof her tea cup because she’s used her water bottle to create a real tea party drenching her soft toys,  table,  floor. .. clothes. 

Black and White Collage

Black and white patterns are meant to stimulate their brains. I took that concept and double sided printed some patterns I found on Google then cut them into various rectangles and squares. Being doubled sided meant that it was always glued on the “right” way. Miss Bee really engaged with this art activity. I think it looks awesome too.

Dirt mud and worms

What do you get when you add cake crumbs, spaghetti noodles and chocolate pudding?

A big fun sensory play experience of dirt worms and mud they can eat!

Miss Bee had a ball and chocolate got everywhere exactly as it was meant to. She had two little buddies over to share the fun.

I love the way she dives in to explore without hesitation.

I love the way the Autumn sunshine bounces off her curly ponytail. I love her luminous skin. I love the innocence of just being a toddler.

I do adore this type of candid photography that captures a moment in life rather than the posed variety in fancy clothes.

Cold with a hint of highlights

It’s one of those days.  Nothing seems to be going right. I ran late,  fought red tape and a screaming toddler.  I feel ugly, unpopular, fat and tired.

Sometimes I wonder what happens to make crappy days like this.  Then I wonder is it all just a perspective?
Instead of hating the annoying things perhaps I need to be grateful for the good parts.  Like a researcher just grab the highlighter of life and emphasise the bit I choose. 

Today my BFF new I was having a “day” and shouted me a coffee.  That’s a highlight. 

While I did fight with the red tape I persisted until I won it over.  That’s worthy of a highlight.

While my bigger girl is working such long hours studying then going to work taking on an extra shift. I barely see her.  The highlight is she is motivated to study and is a valued worker with a job.  Both big highlights.

While Miss Bee did have a whingeing type day I must add in all fairness to her that we left home at 10am and it’s 5.30pm and we haven’t been home yet.   I have really expected too much from one so tiny.  The highlight is she’s asleep in the car, I have Internet access and now have a little time to blog.

Although she made toy “tornedeo” this morning by throwing her toys about I was able to quickly pack them up before we left.  Going home to a tidy play area is a definite highlight.
I have petrol, a reliable car,  money to buy food, a roof over my head and a loving family.  That’s not a highlight to be underestimated.  Indeed,  I’m sure many would willingly and gratefully embrace that.

It’s cold.  The nasty weather has finally arrived.  The highlight is I’m obviously part scout as I had a spare zip up hoodie in the car “just in case” so Miss Bee is toasty warm.

When your life seems full of low moments grab that highlighter and shine a light on all the great bits.  Leave out all the rest.

Oh and a massive highlight. .. I found that tiny lid for my Lancome perfume!

Exceptionally fragrant

Wow.  Miss Bee smells just lovely this morning.  Did daddy put a bit of my perfume on her?  Closer inspection. .. nope.  She put it on herself.  My Lancome perfume now has no lid. Lid has now mysteriously disappeared.  Guess I’ll be wearing that one every day until it’s gone.