Autumn Bushwalking in the Capital

We took our chances after some rain this morning to take a short bushwalk right in the middle of the city. Telstra Tower loom large over Canberra yet this walk around the summit is surprisingly quiet and secluded. We didn’t see another soul. For those who haven’t been to Australia let me assure the best time to walk in the bush is after rain as the smell of the eucalypts is just wonderful and the soft muted palette of the bush is brought to life by fresh green accent plants glistening with life.


Miss Bee went free range walking and we took things slowly so she could explore at will. Well… mostly at will as we did require her to stay ON the track as the drop off the track was a little steep in some areas. She picked up sticks, rocks, touched plants and grasses. It was interesting seeing her smell her hand as I have been teaching her that foliage can have scent. She even found the eternal favourite of every child- a stick!  She made it almost half way which was very impressive for one so young. Taking it slow really allowed her to absorb the experience at her own pace. Encouraging us to stop and really look at small details.

Lichen on a boulder was appealing and attractive to gently touch.

I estimate she walked around 1km. Then she sat down on the track. I asked “Do you want to walk or Poco? Say YES or Poco” She said “poc”. So off she went the rest of the way in  Poco.


We are always SO glad we bought the top of the range as she seems expert at needing a nappy change when out bushwalking and the model we chose has a change mat in the baby carrier. The built in sunshade was also VERY useful to diffuse the extremely high winds which whipped in on the North face of the walk. When I say extreme I mean extreme. The wind literally ripped her dummy out of her mouth- twice!

All in all it was a great walk. Except we both forgot our DSLRs AGAIN, so the photos are dodgy Samsung phone camera ones.



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