Autumn in the park




John Knight Memorial Park.
First we visited the little man made Creek under the hush of Autumn’s glow. The solitude is in stark contrast to the school holiday visit.  There is literally not another child here.  Kind of a dad reflection on society. 

Where are the children on this glorious Autumn afternoon? 

The ducks and other water fowl obliged by greeting us.  We also saw many parrots but they look tiny in the photos.

Sliding toddler time!  This time I captured her climbing up;:




Quick climb on the snake wall.



Only a small brief tantrum over her wanting to climb an area I felt was unsafe.  She could climb it but there were places which are quite open and the risk for falling to great.  Maybe on a day when daddy or a sibling is there too. One to climb up with her one to catch her.

Now she is sleeping soundly on her car seat with deep rhythmic breaths while a catch my own. I’m not game to attempt moving her lest I disturb her and thus my own peace.


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