Cold with a hint of highlights

It’s one of those days.  Nothing seems to be going right. I ran late,  fought red tape and a screaming toddler.  I feel ugly, unpopular, fat and tired.

Sometimes I wonder what happens to make crappy days like this.  Then I wonder is it all just a perspective?
Instead of hating the annoying things perhaps I need to be grateful for the good parts.  Like a researcher just grab the highlighter of life and emphasise the bit I choose. 

Today my BFF new I was having a “day” and shouted me a coffee.  That’s a highlight. 

While I did fight with the red tape I persisted until I won it over.  That’s worthy of a highlight.

While my bigger girl is working such long hours studying then going to work taking on an extra shift. I barely see her.  The highlight is she is motivated to study and is a valued worker with a job.  Both big highlights.

While Miss Bee did have a whingeing type day I must add in all fairness to her that we left home at 10am and it’s 5.30pm and we haven’t been home yet.   I have really expected too much from one so tiny.  The highlight is she’s asleep in the car, I have Internet access and now have a little time to blog.

Although she made toy “tornedeo” this morning by throwing her toys about I was able to quickly pack them up before we left.  Going home to a tidy play area is a definite highlight.
I have petrol, a reliable car,  money to buy food, a roof over my head and a loving family.  That’s not a highlight to be underestimated.  Indeed,  I’m sure many would willingly and gratefully embrace that.

It’s cold.  The nasty weather has finally arrived.  The highlight is I’m obviously part scout as I had a spare zip up hoodie in the car “just in case” so Miss Bee is toasty warm.

When your life seems full of low moments grab that highlighter and shine a light on all the great bits.  Leave out all the rest.

Oh and a massive highlight. .. I found that tiny lid for my Lancome perfume!


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