Bon Appetit! French Cooking Night

Ohh laa laa Tonight I cooked up a storm a made a three course French dinner for our International Food Night.

I should have taken photos. Or somehow captured the smell so you could smell it. Although then you would have wanted to taste it.

If I might say so myself I was winning on my own culinary Master Chef battle tonight.

Entrée was the classic French Onion Soup served with sourdough French bread topped with melted cheese. Now they suggested Gruyere but I couldn’t find any of that in Coles. Instead I selected a smoked cheddar. The experts recommend a Swiss or even an Gouda as a suitable substitute but I read that after buying the smoked Cheddar. Let’s just say the subtle smoked flavour in the cheese married extremely well with the caramelised onions in the Soup.


Main meal was Beef Bouruingnon which I served as is no vegetables.  Rich red wine gravy with whole small brown onions, tender gravy beef and mushrooms. Lush. Decadent. Totally delicious on a cold winter night. beef-bourguignon-17686_l

Dessert was Tarte Tatin and the plump slow caramelised apple quarters were mouthwatering with their pastry base. This recipe had always appealed as you put the apple into the flan pan top with the pastry then bake it until golden. The appealing part was you then flip it out to reveal the apples when plating it. I added some fanned strawberries and a good dollop of yoghurt to serve. The yoghurt was perfect as the slight tartness cut through the sweetness.


These are not my recipes or photos but gives you an idea of what it looked like and a recipe if you decided your were inspired to cook French too!

Are you drooling? You should be. The best bit… there are leftovers!!!  Sometimes I even impress myself when I cook. Which is good because there are other nights where it seems more like I dragged my way through creating a meal out of Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard than I channelled a cooking Goddess.



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