Life’s trials

I feel angry.  Upset with life and the world.
My older daughter is a hard working girl.  She does tertiary study four fulltime days a week.  Plus she works part time at least 15 hours a week as a checkout chick. She pays her way.  She saves her money. 
Yet last night her world was rocked.  Our world was rocked.  A scum of the Earth came in to the shop and threatened her with a knife. It was an armed robbery.  My precious daughter who is still a teenager earning a pittance had a huge butcher knife held at her. 
I’m angry.  What is this world?  Who raises such scum?  What makes a man think he can threaten a young girl with a knife to take money he didn’t earn?  She’s out at night doing the hard yakka to earn money.  The amount he stole would be months and months of her wage.  At her tender age she knows she has to work for money yet here is a grown man who somehow is too lazy,  entitled,  greedy and selfish to earn money.  Instead he takes what isn’t his.  How can he even sleep knowing he traumatised a young girl?
I’m angry.  Angry that the supermarket pays for a security guard.  A security guard who failed my daughter.  He didn’t intervene,  didn’t even call for the police.  Instead he stood there like a coward letting a teenage girl deal with an armed robber by herself.  Has he no balls? No pride?  A customer called the police.  Maybe they need the wage that security guard “earned”?
I’m angry that another male staff member who had just finished his shift also slithered into the background like a yellow bellied snake.  Chivalry is dead.  Bravery is antiquated. 
I’m angry that my daughter walked in the door looking shattered.  That I wasn’t there to hug her sooner. 
Yes,  I’m angry. But mostly I feel as if my world was also shattered.  My baby.  The baby I’ve nurtured and raised from day dot was at risk.  Real risk.  She could have died if things turned nastier. Died because someone was greedy.

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