Pink girl hat is expanding

Miss Bee’s pink girl hat is getting a friend. Pink girl jumper.  Since last night I’ve been just knitting with my own stripes and colourwork pattern and Pink Girl Jumper has a back!

I added a purple variegated yarn and a hot pink yarn to the mix… Can’t have too much bubble gum bling when you’re a toddler princess. 

Experimenting with colourwork.  Bunnies! 

Outdoors playgroup

Miss Bee explored our local Outdoors playgroup.  She was rather surprised that the birdbath which often sports rubber duckies was frozen solid.  

She had a ball, quite literally,  with the plumbing pipe ball run. Experimenting with gravity. 

Then she squished the rainbow play dough and felt how slimy it got in the water on the top of the old barrel. 

The highlight was patting a chook. Well…  That’s not a photo I captured as I was holding the chook. But these are some of the playgroup chooks. 

Later she had a cloud dough Tea Party in the mud kitchen with some friends. 

Snack was sitting in the sun eating homemade biscuits while listening to stories before some songs.  All in all a marvellous outing, even better the annoying snatching pushy boy from the previous week didn’t attend. 

It’s been a busy week with home play including parks, rainbows rice,  edible sand,  play dough,  collage, watercolour paints,  pencils,  puzzles,  dolls, cooking plus lots of books.  

Sunny afternoon to visit two parks

After weeks of rain and drizzle Canberra put on a sunny warmish afternoon.  We met daddy for lunch then headed to the park.  She surprised me by saying her first 5 syllable sentence -“bye bye Henry car”.  Daddy’s car is a Ford hence the nickname Henry. 

Edison Park has a newer play area which is smaller but in a nice landscaped area.  The park itself had some damage to the slide so it was closed for use.  The clasp for the baby swing was broken.  Proximity is close to the skate park which may explain vandalism.  

Miss Bee loved the park as there were two sisters there aged 2 and 3. She approached them with the greeting “hello girl”. Then said her name.

She was happy enough to leave the park but as soon as  the car started she said “more park?” and as it was such a sunny day who was I to burst her happiness bubble? 

We then went to the Wanniassa shops on the way home.  

She patted the “dog” wombat.

Then played with the telescope.

Then Miss Bee rode on the big red car. 

Luckily this slide was on duty. Yes,  I let her climb up slides and No,  nobody was waiting as you can see. 

I’m loving her piggy tails.  Very Boo from Monster’s Inc.  Cuteness. 

The play park adventures coupled with watercolour painting and lunch out meant she was agreeable to nap. Yeah!  I baked cookies for my elderly aunt and uncle. Then took a much needed rest with a cup of tea. 

Watercolour magic

I was inspired by those watercolour quotes which are popular.  The “real way” is using brush on frisket to paint the letters but I’m allergic to latex so I’m not going near that.  Besides… I have a white crayon.

The Twinkle twinkle little star one was written in white crayon onto watercolour paper.  At a pinch light card works but the watercolor paper is superior as it’s more absorbent.  I use food colouring (either liquid or gel)  with a smidge of water so Miss Bee  doesn’t spill it everywhere.  

Twinkle Star

Circles traced roughly around sticky tape. It looks like I traced the circles after but I traced them first but forgot to take a photo. I let Miss Bee choose what colour she wanted next for the paint. I did move the paper around as she tends to paint the one spot over and over. 

Don’t forget to have lots of wet clothes and paper towel for blotting and clean ups. 

I made two last night using an alternate method which suits finer detail.  A white paint pen.  I wouldn’t let Miss Bee lose on the paint pen as it’s toxic. But it might be effective to have her paint some backgrounds that I then write as gifts around Christmas.  This technique could also make amazing magnets.  You cut them out and modges podge the paper to large clear wish stones then glue magnets onto the back. 

Big Soft GF Ginger Cookies

I’ve been baking cookies. Believe it or not these are not crumbly or rock hard as most GF cookies can be, instead they are soft and lush. The outer edges are crunchy and the inside like a fluffy soft nom nom nom consistency.

All I did was use this recipe and substitute Orgran GF Self Raising Flour. That’s it.

Except I forgot the water accidently. I also didn’t have cloves so I added 1/2 a teaspoon of mixed spice (as that contains cloves). The consistency was VERY soft. It said “roll” it into balls but I could have spooned it out. The mixture looked like it would take another additional cup of flour and then you could roll it with a rolling pin.. that soft.  But blind faith made me NOT add any additional flour and I used wet hands to scoop up clumps and dip one side in sugar (there was no “ball” to roll into sugar- more like a wet clump. However 8 minutes in a fan-forced oven it made perfection.

Oh my… this cookie is just YUMMY. Sweet spiced perfection.

Edible “sand” with rainbow rice


Sensory play… you are so fun yet you are a time consuming mess maker. “Sand” with rainbow rice poured onto her rainbow floor mat.

Miss Bee made “CUP TEA” with her mixed up sand and rice. The sand is basically sugar with a little oil and food colouring. Technically I could make rainbow rice and rainbow sand, or if pushed for time and energy present it as natural sand with white rice. You could even mix a little cocoa into the sugar for a “dirt” colour. Not sure how much mess that would make if wet though.

Once it warms up I am planning on using the last of this batch outdoors with water. I can’t stand the thought of cleaning up wet mud made of sugar and rice inside.

After the “CUP TEA” and various pouring of sand and rice she added her giant insects to the play. Perhaps they were in need of a cup of tea too? (I know I was).

I keep this tub of delight in a locked spare room. That way it isn’t just a free for all at any given time for toddler or cats… or dogs. Talking of which, I did spot the Golden Retriever snacking on some wayward “sand”.