Knitting tales

I have been on a beanie knitting binge.  I love knitting beanies as they are fast and I can usually finish one in an easy two nights. The most recent three were birthday gifts for my dd’s boyfriend and one for each of my parents. Mum hates hats because they squash her hair flat so I made a very loose style which she loves.

The pattern is called Rivendell and it is free on Ravelry.

My dad spotted the one I’d made for dd’s boyfriend and loved it.  So he got an identical one.  Theirs is called Bobblehead Ray also free from Ravelry.

The fourth beanie was for Miss Bee. Yes I confess she’s already got… Hmm.. 4 winter hand knitted hats…  But she was so intrigued by my knitting and I had leftover yarn so it all made sense.  At least it made sense until she saw the yarn…  “YUCK” was her verdict.  Then impressively she told me PINK GIRL HAT. Off I trotted in search of a cool pattern and most crucially PINK yarn.  Now to be fair the last item I knitted her was blue.  I buy her varied colours and she has a wide variety of toys.  Yet somehow my daughter is a girly girl who loves dollies,  tea parties and pink. How on Earth she worked out her gender stereotype is beyond me but hey..  If a toddler asks you for a pink girl hat you make them one (even if they’re a dude).

Here’s “Pink Girl Hat”:



As you can see Miss Bee is rather happy with it.

The pattern is called Kaiya Mei and is free from Ravelry, I extended my knitting efforts to colourwork! Yeah.

PS that’s the blue jumper I knitted her!


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