Dark runner 

I wish this was my photo.  

It snowed here last night. So suffice to say it is cold. Sure the snow has long since melted.  But it’s brutal outside with that bone chilling cold. 

We just returned from an eventful grocery trip where Miss Bee ran off twice.  That kid is fast. The mini trolley wasn’t nearly enough to amuse her. I was wondering how other parent’s do it.  How did I do this with the three older kids at once?  Mind you, they weren’t Miss Bee.  She’s Shrek girl.  

Anyway.  When we got home I was juggling two bags of grocery plus my runaway.  Who decided to run off into our backyard.  I could see exactly where she was in the freezing pitch black thanks to her sketchers high top twinkle toes shoes.  

I refused to chase and she ran around in the darkness like a firefly. Presumably a cold firefly.  I figured eventually she’d realise I’d gone inside without her and she’d appear at the door. 

It took a few minutes.  She wasn’t giving up that night run quickly.  But those sparkling light suddenly appeared at the back door and her moment was over. 


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