Is all I am a stepford wife?

Sick of feeling like a second class citizen. Coles, you can shove your new Mastercard up your nose. Apparently they can send it addressed to me with all the information about how I activate it… BUT… get this… as I am not the Primary card hold I CAN”T register to then activate it. Well, up there for thinking Coles. Not only did you send it to ME not hubby but I am the sucker who would be out spending the money on your card… and now I am cutting it up because you’re organisation is run by a moron apparently.

In a world where equality is not only promoted but shoved down your throat it is ironic that financial institutions don’t follow suit. At the end of the day, should the debt not be repaid they would chase his assets.. which are after all MY assets too.

There is no “us” financially. There him. There is me. Financially I am left feeling like a child bowing down to daddy for the use of our joint money.


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