Motherly musing 

Thankyou facebook for slapping me in the face.  

One of the pages I have on my news feed about hands on parenting left me reeling.  The mother was asking for ideas for activities her husband can do with their 4 year old and 20 month old.  Kind of like a daddy do list?  Anyway, the bit that left me slapped was the fact that she was reaching out for our guidance as she was having her annual “me time” for 10 days.  Yes.  You read that right…  10 days.  

I was really feeling very angry.  Jealous maybe?  Then I started feeling like.. Was she asking us all for help to show off?  Do other women have annual 10 days of “me time”. And if they do,  I may as well go die in a hole because I’ve been at this parenting gig for 24 years now and I sure haven’t cashed in those 10 days a year “me time”. Based on my calculations I could potentially take 240 days long service “me time” leave. 

Are my expectations too low?  Am I weird?  Have I been rorted? 

10 days a YEAR! CHILD FREE. Who even gets that?  Please tell me if I missed that clause in the mummy contract.  Because at the moment a rare 2-3 hrs shared time with my hubby is all I live on. 


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