Big Soft GF Ginger Cookies

I’ve been baking cookies. Believe it or not these are not crumbly or rock hard as most GF cookies can be, instead they are soft and lush. The outer edges are crunchy and the inside like a fluffy soft nom nom nom consistency.

All I did was use this recipe and substitute Orgran GF Self Raising Flour. That’s it.

Except I forgot the water accidently. I also didn’t have cloves so I added 1/2 a teaspoon of mixed spice (as that contains cloves). The consistency was VERY soft. It said “roll” it into balls but I could have spooned it out. The mixture looked like it would take another additional cup of flour and then you could roll it with a rolling pin.. that soft.  But blind faith made me NOT add any additional flour and I used wet hands to scoop up clumps and dip one side in sugar (there was no “ball” to roll into sugar- more like a wet clump. However 8 minutes in a fan-forced oven it made perfection.

Oh my… this cookie is just YUMMY. Sweet spiced perfection.

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