Edible “sand” with rainbow rice


Sensory play… you are so fun yet you are a time consuming mess maker. “Sand” with rainbow rice poured onto her rainbow floor mat.

Miss Bee made “CUP TEA” with her mixed up sand and rice. The sand is basically sugar with a little oil and food colouring. Technically I could make rainbow rice and rainbow sand, or if pushed for time and energy present it as natural sand with white rice. You could even mix a little cocoa into the sugar for a “dirt” colour. Not sure how much mess that would make if wet though.

Once it warms up I am planning on using the last of this batch outdoors with water. I can’t stand the thought of cleaning up wet mud made of sugar and rice inside.

After the “CUP TEA” and various pouring of sand and rice she added her giant insects to the play. Perhaps they were in need of a cup of tea too? (I know I was).

I keep this tub of delight in a locked spare room. That way it isn’t just a free for all at any given time for toddler or cats… or dogs. Talking of which, I did spot the Golden Retriever snacking on some wayward “sand”.


3 thoughts on “Edible “sand” with rainbow rice

  1. I admire your courage for doing this inside! I would probably have mine caked all over the wall (as my son always finds water somehow, even if he has to climb onto the kitchen bench and get it from the tap). Looks like fun though!

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    1. Oh yes, sometimes I feel brave and like face palming myself when I see the mess she makes. Miss Bee has that water finding ability too, tonight she tipped her water over her dinner while saying “Dip, dip”. I am assuming a weird adaptation of dipping a biscuit in tea?

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      1. So cute – at least she stuck to her own dinner. Once we were in a relatively fancy restaurant and my toddler tipped a cup of juice onto my steak. Sigh. I ate it regardless. Oh toddlers!

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