Sunny afternoon to visit two parks

After weeks of rain and drizzle Canberra put on a sunny warmish afternoon.  We met daddy for lunch then headed to the park.  She surprised me by saying her first 5 syllable sentence -“bye bye Henry car”.  Daddy’s car is a Ford hence the nickname Henry. 

Edison Park has a newer play area which is smaller but in a nice landscaped area.  The park itself had some damage to the slide so it was closed for use.  The clasp for the baby swing was broken.  Proximity is close to the skate park which may explain vandalism.  

Miss Bee loved the park as there were two sisters there aged 2 and 3. She approached them with the greeting “hello girl”. Then said her name.

She was happy enough to leave the park but as soon as  the car started she said “more park?” and as it was such a sunny day who was I to burst her happiness bubble? 

We then went to the Wanniassa shops on the way home.  

She patted the “dog” wombat.

Then played with the telescope.

Then Miss Bee rode on the big red car. 

Luckily this slide was on duty. Yes,  I let her climb up slides and No,  nobody was waiting as you can see. 

I’m loving her piggy tails.  Very Boo from Monster’s Inc.  Cuteness. 

The play park adventures coupled with watercolour painting and lunch out meant she was agreeable to nap. Yeah!  I baked cookies for my elderly aunt and uncle. Then took a much needed rest with a cup of tea. 

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