Watercolour magic

I was inspired by those watercolour quotes which are popular.  The “real way” is using brush on frisket to paint the letters but I’m allergic to latex so I’m not going near that.  Besides… I have a white crayon.

The Twinkle twinkle little star one was written in white crayon onto watercolour paper.  At a pinch light card works but the watercolor paper is superior as it’s more absorbent.  I use food colouring (either liquid or gel)  with a smidge of water so Miss Bee  doesn’t spill it everywhere.  

Twinkle Star

Circles traced roughly around sticky tape. It looks like I traced the circles after but I traced them first but forgot to take a photo. I let Miss Bee choose what colour she wanted next for the paint. I did move the paper around as she tends to paint the one spot over and over. 

Don’t forget to have lots of wet clothes and paper towel for blotting and clean ups. 

I made two last night using an alternate method which suits finer detail.  A white paint pen.  I wouldn’t let Miss Bee lose on the paint pen as it’s toxic. But it might be effective to have her paint some backgrounds that I then write as gifts around Christmas.  This technique could also make amazing magnets.  You cut them out and modges podge the paper to large clear wish stones then glue magnets onto the back. 


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