Outdoors playgroup

Miss Bee explored our local Outdoors playgroup.  She was rather surprised that the birdbath which often sports rubber duckies was frozen solid.  

She had a ball, quite literally,  with the plumbing pipe ball run. Experimenting with gravity. 

Then she squished the rainbow play dough and felt how slimy it got in the water on the top of the old barrel. 

The highlight was patting a chook. Well…  That’s not a photo I captured as I was holding the chook. But these are some of the playgroup chooks. 

Later she had a cloud dough Tea Party in the mud kitchen with some friends. 

Snack was sitting in the sun eating homemade biscuits while listening to stories before some songs.  All in all a marvellous outing, even better the annoying snatching pushy boy from the previous week didn’t attend. 

It’s been a busy week with home play including parks, rainbows rice,  edible sand,  play dough,  collage, watercolour paints,  pencils,  puzzles,  dolls, cooking plus lots of books.  


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