Miracle potty news

The crazy thing is… she is using the potty often for wees and poos with no accidents. If we are home she will just go to the potty by herself and use it without any reminders. I’m in happy shock as I wasn’t planning to seriously look into training until summer. I am pinching myself that she seems keen and willing.

Today when out she told me “Poo potty” just as we finished Toddler Gym and I said “Sorry the potty is at home”. We drove home, her nappy was still DRY from the morning change, then she did her wee in her potty.

Next step is learning to remove her own clothing as we are currently using the nudie bottom half method so she can access the potty immediately.

I’m still unsure when I will be game to put undies on her.


Loving the rainbow

How cute is this?

It matches one of the doona sets I bought Miss Bee for her big girl room.  I noticed that whenever I showed her the cover package photo she would immediately point to the rainbow pillow. Being an indulgent mother I had to buy it…  My excuse was it was 50% off. 

In breaking potty training  news… 

She did a wee in the potty!

Miss Bee has been developing an awareness of bodily functions for a few months and often tells me wee or poo. After a meal I sometimes let her practice sitting on the potty. She likes watching Princess Polly’s potty on YouTube.  Plus the song “poop goes in the toilet”.

Today the miracle tinkle happened. She knew exactly what to do and wanted to tip it down the toilet and wash her hands.  Then a little while later she jumped on and did another wee!

Amazingly I got the first wee on video (just had a feeling it was about to happen today)  but for privacy and modesty I’ll spare you and her that.

EDIT: within an hour she then independently went back to the potty and did a wee and poop! Amazingly proud of this little munchkin.

Playgroup day

Mud kitchen with cloud dough, wattle flowers,  water,  playdough and loose kitchen parts for pouring and cooking. 

Naturally,  Miss Bee found a puddle to jump in. Mud is appealing.

Last week’s paint a duck evolved into paint a toy frog,  wash it then dry it on a towel.  Repeat… 

A turn with Rainbow rice in a huge tub. Then I read Going on a Bear Hunt to her over morning tea.