Quiche tutu lunch

Cooking with a toddler requires time and patience.  Luckily today I had both. 

I used frozen short crust pastry as the base.  I used a scone cutter to make the rounds and Miss Bee pushed them vigorously and sometimes after nibbling them into a curved based tray. Whatever she punctured the pastry I added a little piece to make sure it wouldn’t leak.  

I cut up tiny pieces of zucchini which she added to each one.

Then ham, an itsy bitsy amount of onion and cheese.  Some spare pastry may have met it’s demise.

I had Miss Bee mix 2 eggs with a splash of milk. 

I did have a quick”mummy’s turn” to really make sure it was mixed. 

I used a miniature jug from a tea set to portion out just enough for one quiche. She filled around half then I confess it was getting a little tedious so I had my turn. Before she filled the last 3. I love the sheer concentration on her face.  She did a marvellous job and it reinforced my thoughts that toddlers can be very capable. Maybe the tutu helped her? 

She put on the oven mits to check the quiches. I didn’t tell her,  she remembered it was “hot” and put them on herself. 

She was rather excited to have made her own lunch with mummy. 


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