Birthday cake: Exploding the trend

The current trend for children is to have an elaborate birthday cake. 

This requires one of two things. Skill or money. I have the skill so wouldn’t pay money.  

But you know what? I am if nothing else the type of person who bucks the status quo. I detest that feeling of being cookie cutter. 

I especially value my children and like to think that I am a forward thinker. What does the child learn when every year they have an elaborate cake worthy of a blue ribbon prize? 

Do they learn that they are entitled? It sets a high expectation.  For what end?  Why do they need a super fancy cake?  What ever happened to simple home baked cakes with sprinkles and candles?  I loved those type of cakes growing up.  

Perhaps it is a reflection on a society too busy to bake?  Perhaps people don’t know how to bake?  Perhaps people feel the need to impress others? Or themselves?   Personally I’d rather impress Miss Bee. 

She likes to cook.  I wonder what elaborate cakes will tell her of her efforts to ice her own as a novice child? I want her to feel good enough, too feel accomplished not embarrassed or frustrated when she tries to make her own first cake.  Honestly,  if you have a tasty cake icing is a great bonus. 

Miss Bee turns 2 soon.  When I think about what would mean something to her,  what would she’d love?  If you use the child as the starting point the answers come easily.  Miss Bee loves cooking and creating. 

I’m sure her cake won’t be a show stopper but it will hold memories. 

I’m going to get her to help bake it. Between now and then I’ll take her candle, lolly, sprinkles and decoration shopping so she can select what catches her eye.    

(EDIT: This is what she chose… So far she wants yellow icing.)

Then together we will bake the cake tinting the batter as we go to create a marble rainbow cake.  I will cut it into a number 2. Then she and I will ice and decorate it. I have a keepsake ornament from big sister’s childhood cake which is a Winnie the Pooh.  It will take pride of place and she loves Pooh Bear. 

I’m excited to give my child the ultimate cake which is rich in time over precision. 


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