Big girl room

I’m excited as we’re making progress towards big girl room.  

Now that Kitty has her own flat I can’t start renovation of the kids end of the house.  At long last there’s a chance to replace carpets,  repaint and upgrade window treatments.  I’ve cleaned the room that Miss Bee will move into and next step is preparing then painting the walls. 

This is a tricky choice as we are considering selling the house in the foreseeable future so I want something beautiful but not something which screams little girl’s room. I have decided to paint three walls white and have ones accent wall in a soft aqua. 

We picked up a gorgeous white wooden bedhead. I’ve bought some cool doona covers which include pinks, aqua and other colours. This is one of the covers which is a Freckles branded one called Sweet Dreams.  Their promotional photo:

This is the current room… Old flooring, paint,  window coverings which are all going. Only the bed and bedhead stay. I was trialling the other cover in this photo. It’s by the brand Ardor and is called Tessa.

I’ve chosen all white furniture and aqua and pink accessories. I’m currently thinking I’ll do white blockout blinds with sheer white longer curtains.  I still need to buy a white bedside table.

My older daughter is studying interior design and recommended the room layout.  The wall behind these bed will be the aqua one. 

These are some of the carpet choices to match up with the family room floor:

I have plans to make some cute play/decor felt pieces too.

I’m thinking that with lots of white, aqua and pink it will look fresh and pretty.


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