I like to move it move it

Just to clarify, this song was definitely not written about moving furniture before new carpet is installed. 

Books are surprisingly heavy and cumbersome to move. I’ve moved all this today by myself. That’s our dining room. I wonder how long it will be before Miss Bee climbs the Princess and the Pea unintentional “invitation to play”?


Those seeds Miss Bee and I planted are starting to produce. Snap peas and snow peas fresh from the garden ready for our stir fry dinner (minus a few eaten for quality testing).

Nom Nom… Certainly one way to get them to eat vegetables. Grow your own. 

The white, the blue,  and the wardrobe. 

“I’ll paint” I said.  

I’m dumb. I should have just sold off a kidney and paid someone.  

Not saying it looks bad.  Actually it looks rather good.  But the effort required was of epic Ben Hurr proportions.

Let’s start with what people generally start with… Choosing a colour. That bit hurt my perfectionistic brain. Which particular shade of soft mint was “THE” shade? I chose quarter tint of a Dulux colour called Ice Pack.  It didn’t have a grey undertone and look kind of dirty like other contenders.  I wanted clear,  crisp and vintage marshmallowish. Not greenish or too bluish… Just the perfect soft mint.  Nothing special, just perfect. Luckily my angst and mulling over in multiple lights paid off and it’s exactly what my mind pictured. 

White is not white…  I know it sounds crazy but I’m using the plain white out of the tin. I figured that way it always matches if I need to cover up any Toodler messes.

Now the ceiling.  This was a disaster. Back in the days this was a room I decorated for my son. The whole thing including the ceiling was a gorgeous clear blue with hand sponged clouds in white and shades of soft grey which billowed over the ceiling and crept slightly down the walls. It looked like a daytime sky.  Overhead I’d put a scattering of glow in the dark stars which magically transformed into a night sky at night.  It was a fantasy.  It was magical.  It didn’t match my new colour scheme for Miss Bee.  But it was too late.  She’d seen the glowing wonder “twinkle Star” and besides,  it would save me time and money…even if the ceiling didn’t quite match she likes it. I’m good with that. 

I did my project preparation like a good girl I cleaned the walls.  This was when the project stepped up in difficulty. This was the room Kitty had lived in until recently and her love of scented candles had left it’s sooty residue all over the walls.  Eek.  Enjo is a great way to clean green but it wasn’t cutting it on the soot,  back to shops for Sugar Soap.  That worked it’s magic until I made the fatal error of wiping a tiny spot on the ceiling. The whole ceiling was covered in soot.  Ohh man.  I decided I’d just have to give it a clean now I knew how bad it was.  Fatal error #2. The stars literally wiped off raining down onto the floor while Miss Bee exclaims “mine twinkle star room!” in sad repetition. Stars littered the floor, except for about 10% of them. That 10% were tiny dots not stars. The dots were attached as if trying to never ever be removed. Ever. Needless to say the result was random tiny chips off the ceiling. Resulting in a galaxy of vacuuming and a trip to the shops as now I needed ceiling paint. Luckily I’d already bought fill. 

Another two things you need to know at this point is I don’t like heights and I’ve got a dodgy right knee. Climbing up and down patching, sanding and painting really pushed my limits. It took two coats of one coat ceiling paint, an extra day and an additional $40.

You still with me?  Here are some photos of during and after. It is exactly what I imagined. Despite the ceiling nightmare. 

Sky ceiling

Repainting the walls.  Updating the old white (already put on a couple of years ago,  but it wasn’t the white I wanted and was very damaged).

The new aqua feature wall.  I even painted the cupboard doors using a water based enamel.  The trim is not purple…that’s the tape. 

Poor Miss Bee freaked out when she saw the carpet. “Mine room messy. Dirty”. Fear not… New carpet arrives next week. 

Big girl room is one big painty closer.

Invitation to Play 2nd Birthday Party 

Vanilla scented white playdough with real sprinkles, silicone cupcake makers, rainbow sticks for candles,  rolling pins and cookie cutters.

Old Mac Pooh Bear’s Farm cake designed and made by Miss Bee with help from mummy and daddy. She had a crying tantrum last night as I’d accidently run out of icing mixture. She thought I was going to make it without her when I tried to explain the icing had run out.  “Help Cake!” she kept saying with tears. I managed to placate her by lying all the animals down and saying the farm animals (which had had a bath by the way)  were too tired and would get on the cake in the morning.  Phew, tears averted! While not the fanciest cake she LOVED it and that’s what matters.

Rainbow rice with upcycled strawberry containers with nice sifting holes, tubes, containers, giant insects, cars and buckets of flowers.

Rainbow dancing ribbons. These were also party favours along with mini bottles of bubbles which we blew during the party before sending home extras.

A small space for quiet play with crayon and stickers.  Most toddlers seem obsessed with stickers. I managed to forget my plan to send home some stickers.

All the children were very relaxed and engaged.  Parents were able to chat as the children were busy but safe. No fights,  lots of interaction and fun.

Birthday food was kept simple.  Cake,  chocolate chip muffins, mini M&Ms, natural coloured lollies, fruit platters in rainbows,  chips,  popcorn and banana pikelets. If you’re wondering how to make banana pikelets let me know and I’ll post the recipe. Apparently they were yummy as not a crumb was left.

Fairy birthday princess in my garden

Miss Bee looked just adorable running through my front garden after her birthday party. She may have been slightly high on sugar overload! The snowdrop border and rosemary in bloom compliment her purple princess dress. I just love the softness of her skin tone and the magical feel that forever captures my little girl enjoying the garden path post party.

Trying to photograph an active toddler is kind of like trying to take a macro shot of a flying mosquito. I had to be pleased with these action shots. Later this week I am going to aim for a “proper” photo session. Just Miss Bee and I in the garden with lots of time and maybe something to occupy her long enough to be still- perhaps a dolly Tea party?


Lellow 2: Cake #1


Today toddler dreams came true. Miss Bee not only got to cook the cake with Mummy but she got to decorate “Lellow 2” cake with all the treasures she’s chosen from the cake section the other week.

Her eyes sparkled and she grinned from ear to ear as we created her birthday cake.  The pièce de résistance was the Winnie the Pooh and Piglet cake topper (which was recycled from big sister who loved Winnie the Pooh and had it on her 3rd and 4th birthday cakes.)

A merry gelato of iced rainbow cupcakes await her family party. Miss Bee did “dip dip” and dipped each cupcake into the sprinkles all by herself after I applied the icing.


It feel just amazing after all the years waiting for Miss Bee to see her so confident, capable and creative. I can hardly believe it’s been two years.