Invitation to Play 2nd Birthday Party 

Vanilla scented white playdough with real sprinkles, silicone cupcake makers, rainbow sticks for candles,  rolling pins and cookie cutters.

Old Mac Pooh Bear’s Farm cake designed and made by Miss Bee with help from mummy and daddy. She had a crying tantrum last night as I’d accidently run out of icing mixture. She thought I was going to make it without her when I tried to explain the icing had run out.  “Help Cake!” she kept saying with tears. I managed to placate her by lying all the animals down and saying the farm animals (which had had a bath by the way)  were too tired and would get on the cake in the morning.  Phew, tears averted! While not the fanciest cake she LOVED it and that’s what matters.

Rainbow rice with upcycled strawberry containers with nice sifting holes, tubes, containers, giant insects, cars and buckets of flowers.

Rainbow dancing ribbons. These were also party favours along with mini bottles of bubbles which we blew during the party before sending home extras.

A small space for quiet play with crayon and stickers.  Most toddlers seem obsessed with stickers. I managed to forget my plan to send home some stickers.

All the children were very relaxed and engaged.  Parents were able to chat as the children were busy but safe. No fights,  lots of interaction and fun.

Birthday food was kept simple.  Cake,  chocolate chip muffins, mini M&Ms, natural coloured lollies, fruit platters in rainbows,  chips,  popcorn and banana pikelets. If you’re wondering how to make banana pikelets let me know and I’ll post the recipe. Apparently they were yummy as not a crumb was left.

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