Moments beyond measure


Tiny hands reach up for me

Eyes implore

“Mummy cuddle”.

You scale my knee and snuggle in tightly.

Chest to chest

Cheek to my heart

Perhaps listening to the rhythmic sounds of your past?

Days growing in my womb.

You wrap your arms tightly around me

Whisper into my chest

“Love you too mum”.

The most divine music my ears have ever heard.

The affirmation that this soul is right where it needs to be.

This tiny girl,

My tiny girl,

My rainbow girl.

Your precious ringlets lace around your neck,

long eyelashes close for a moment as you lean still against me

your soft skin feels like silk as I gently stroke your cheek.

I prayed for you.

I wished for you.

I cried as I raged the storm fighting for you.

I would not be defeated.

I would not give up on your precious soul.

The lost souls will greet me one day

When I am gone.

But your brave little soul battled the odds to be here.

You found your way here

Right now


In my arms.


A warrior.

A miracle

Loved beyond measure.




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