Developing her fine motor skills

Miss Bee has taught herself to use Duplo. One day she couldn’t use it then suddenly she was building a tower.  It’s really interesting listening to her self talk building towers.

As she’s trying to put an 8 rectangle on a 4 square she says “too big”. Trying to balance an 8 on a 2…”ohhh ooo” as it wobbles. “So big! Yeah! ” once the tower had been built.

She rearranged the stack so the bigger ones were down the bottom.  A chance to explore 3D properties independently.

When it grew really tall and fell she said “try again” then made it up again.  I’m impressed by her resilient self talk.

She did a fantastic job making a tall tower. Excuse the crazy just got out of bed from her nap hair.

The next night she used the duplo again.  She moved the larger pieces lower and redesigned the tower until she made a stable tower using all the available pieces.  (Note I said available… We have a tonne of that stuff!)

Today to take Duplo up a notch I combined it by offering it with playdough.  Open ended creating and exploring ensued.

Here she makes prints and counts aloud as she makes the prints  1, 2, 3, 4…8, 9…10! Yes,  poor 5,6,7 don’t get a look in yet.  But she’s got 1-4 with 1:1 correspondence reliable and numeral recognition nailed.

Self talk today “I love to play”.

She even used the Duplo as a cookie cutter.

In true toddler style the dough is now discarded on the floor and she’s playing with her “boys and girls” Fisher Price little People and a Pooh Bear figurine with a Fisher Price ute:  This is the chatter : Boys, girls get in… Ready?  Ready time. Let’s go. Hop in… Dolls house. Ready go. Pooh honey.  Wheel truck.  Round.  Track.  Ready go.  Ready?  Girl ready? Ok.  Ready car. Yeah.  Boy sleep. (in dollhouse bed)  Light off. Boy home.


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