Sushi bottle paint squeeze fine motor activity

As we enjoyed some sushi the other day I kept looking at those cute little fish bottles.  They were so tiny,  you squeeze them. My early childhood brain started thinking about how to reuse them with Miss Bee. Those itty bitty tiny lids are way too small. They are not suitable near a toddler.  But supervised the fish are great as they only hold a small quantity of liquid which controls the mess factor.  Well unless you use food colours. Which I did. I had tiny containers of the two colours she chose then refilled a she explored.

We started with a heavy watercolour paper and some oil pastels.  Who can resist the opportunity to do a wash?  She chose her own colours. Pink, Red and blue.  But only wanted to draw with the red and pink. 

I then introduced and modelled how to use the food colouring paint. 

I added a brush as the water pooled. It was taste tested too. She delighted in squeezing.

Here she is saying “squeeze…squeeze… Squeeze”. I love how saying squeeze maker her nose wrinkle up. 

The idea was a success except now she is trying to work out how to get the paint stains off her skin. 

If you’re not into mess this would work with clear water as experimenting. 


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