Big Girl room: the ‘reveal’


All the walls except the aqua one you see in this picture are white. Colour all comes from accessories. I love that it looks fun and appealing without looking like a circus. Her bedside open shelf unit holds a range of toys she can play with in the morning. Tea sets, dollies, stuffed toys and a Dr kit all stored in white baskets of various sizes. Note the beloved Pooh bear “removable” stickers are now on the melamine unit was they “removed” heaps of paint from the wall in her old room.  Best $10 I ever spent wrecking the paint? Anyway, needless to say they are not going on the newly painted walls. The other removable flower ones I have will go up, they aren’t sticky at all and have not removed any paint. But I read somewhere to wait 6 weeks before putting on freshly painted walls. They are in the old room for now.


The unit has her favourite music box, the light up butterfly (which makes stars on the ceiling at night), her birth cubby, a cat I made her from felt and artificial flowers in bright happy colours. She is free to play with any of those items. The side of the unit has some laminated images of Australian wild flowers and birds.


There is a subtle underlying recurring motif of stars. The white LED string stars wrap around her Beatrix Potter prints (2 are originals!) and the handmade felt stars adorn the cord up the wall to her baby monitor camera.

This is a collage I made myself using scrapbooking papers. Where it says “Miss Bee” I have attached 3D letters in white against the white wall. The paper plate is one she made herself. My original plan was to buy white curtains and a white blockout roller blind for the window. But Miss Bee wanted to get into her new room quickly. Instead we put up a double curtain track with some curtains we already had. Initially I didn’t think I’d like a patterned curtain, but now they are up I really like the pretty floral as it gives a shabby chic edge to the room. The inner curtain is a half height one with a very thick triple pass blockout lining. Perfect for keeping the room dark during daylight. Also keeps the cold out and heat out moderating the temperature. The half curtain is a soft yellow with a nursery print- but not a pattern that matched with my overall idea for the space. It hides behind the floral as a functional backup as the floral while pretty is only lined with a single pass thermal lining.


The wall shelving keeps treasures out of reach… but fear not the basket of books on the floor is amply filled and rotated. The “Dream Big Little One” picture pulls the aqua over and lights up. I have put all her toys in the pink storage cubes and she is free to access them. I was mindful to put heavier items low and the top two have linen. I had originally planned on putting the unit next to the window where the collage is and I may yet move it. But for now it is handy storage for us near the room light switch. The top shelf is not finished as yet. I made the pink wooden tissue box cover with Miss Bee- adding cut out images from a pretty gift wrap paper we had. I had to resist the urge to place the unit in the middle as it would leave an area too small for much use. But I may yet move it…


The small piece of wall between the door and the cupboard has a light up aqua heart, her name in a laser cut wood (painted in the same pink as the tissue box), an aqua and white doll house shelf (which was meant to be on the wall but it is often used a house for the Pooh bear figures so I have left it where she can reach it). There are 4 crystal look wall hooks for light items such as hats or dress ups. I have put some pretty flowers and an initial on her cupboard door knobs as accents.

I am pleased with how the room turned out.


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