Halloween harrows

Well to be honest Halloween downunder is not really a thing. Except in the shops or private Halloween parties sometimes. But I’m not one to miss the chance to celebrate something.  So Miss Bee dressed up as Ariel the littlest mermaid I’ve seen.  Then we made a small Halloween display ready for trick or treating guests.  

We had black clothes, owls and a candle. 

The cauldron had sugar sand and feathers with wooden rods and insects. Plus a few spoons for digging out the treasure. 

It’s hard to explain to a two year old that other children will explore the sensory play then take those Freddo frogs home! 

We had double our trick or treat crowd from last year.  We had (((1))) little boy with his mum. 

Oh well,  Miss Bee enjoyed finding s frog and dressing up.  The solo guest seemed pleasantly surprised to scavenge through for his treat.  If I’d known he was it I’d have said take a few. 
I consider this a tiny run up to what should be an epic Christmas celebration this year. 

Organising mumma owl and baby owl.

It was gorgeous hearing her say “twick or teet. Happy Hayloween”. You can decide if harrow refers to the painful disappointment of a single treatee or to the digging up of said treat.


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