999,999 to go…999,998

I finally started my rainbow blanket project that I bought the yarn for last year.

I made a basic yarn pocket system to keep them in correct order.  This was one aspect which had kept me from starting this project. Wondering how I’d keep them in correct rainbow order to achieve the look I wanted.
This is my sewing effort, a storage plus a travel storage kit.  I allowed for 5 as each granny square has 4 rows.  Meaning I can make ABCD BCDE EDCB and DCBA before swapping out.  If I get really stuck I could also do CDE but add F later or CBA and add the one adjacent later.

I had to teach myself (thanks to YouTube) how to crochet the tails in as I go.

Edit: completed 2. The original size is a generous single and used 130 squares.  I’m hoping to make it larger. I figure once it’s cot sized I can drape it on Miss Bee’s bed then add rows as I go. Hoping it will be cot sized by Autumn given it’s currently Spring.

This is what it will look like except I added 2 additional colours to mine: I added 2 additional colours- a mid blue green and a deep teal.



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