Single berry in the patch of toddler hell

Well my day has been hellish. With my own personal devil child. 

Miss Bee just screamed and cried and threw tantrums most of the day. I honestly don’t know if she’s just being 2 or if she’s brewing something like a virus or molars. She did a fine rendition of the Exorcist but sadly was unable to spin her head fully around.  Which of course ensued further anger. Despite a less than ideal start to the day at home,  I (ever the optimist) took her to a local indoor play park hoping to turn it around.   Apparently even that did not meet with madam’s expectations as she climbed to the very very very highest platform whilst whingeing. She then stood up there screaming like a banshee until I (half bent over like a wizard in a hobbit hole) navigated my way up the child’s playground maze and carried her kicking and screaming self down to the giant slide in full view of the “well behaved children’s” mothers club.  Briefly she was silent as we slid side by side down.  But naturally enough as soon as we were back at ground level she kicked off and climbed promptly back to the highest room in the tallest tower presumably to await an ogre kin to rescue her?

The day didn’t really improve until she had a sleep (praise the lord).  But I had chores to do so crochet took a back step today.  Hence my pathetic single square. 

But here it is in it’s berry tones of beauty… It’s 3 mates will hopefully be made tomorrow but as it’s big sister’s birthday we’re going out to dinner and I’m working tomorrow so that may be a goal too far. 


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