Christmas Magic

Christmas at our house is a celebration with many traditions. 

I’m very excited to see Miss Bee’s reacation now she’s 2. She’s already noticing Christmas trees in the Shops.  She knows Santa. 

Some of our favourite traditions include going out looking at Christmas lights.  Putting up our Christmas lights.  Of course putting up our tree. Making Gingerbread houses. I love to bake international Christmas treats-Greek kourabiedes, German Pfeffernusse, Scottish shortbread pressed into mould and sugar cookies as Christmas shaped treats. There’s always the big fat juicy Christmas fruit cake which I diligently freeze part of after it’s cut for a mid winter surprise. Ham… A glazed ham is just delicious.

Christmas Eve we sit out front of our house and hand out lolly pops to passing by to see Christmas lights. While there are fancier lights than ours… People with all sorts of characters I prefer just lights as I feel they are less tempting to vandals. Or display is pretty but simple with around 3000 lights ish. Sometimes our dogs get a Santa hat to join us or the front too. 

Carol call to wake them up if they’re asleep started when the older ones were teenagers who liked to sleep and sleep and sleep. We’d be up sitting there twiddling our thumbs, drink a coffee then reflect on the busy daily and decide Christmas really needed to get going. 

Breakfast of a corn kernel filled pikelet with a little bacon and maple syrup staves off hunger without spoiling the appetite for Christmas lunch. 

I love watching the kids open their gifts.  I suspect Kitty will drive over from her apartment to join in morning gifts. As for our son… Who knows. traditionally I’ve put out gifts for the relatives under the tree as I wrap but put immediate family gifts out Christmas Eve.  That way the impact of WOW is more “WOWer”. 

I’ve gone nuts over the year buying for Miss Bee and I hope she loves her well thought out presents which include ones which are meant to last a lifetime as well as the obligatory toys. She’s in love with Fisher Price little people and I picked up a massive set a lady was selling on after her children out grew it. I’m contemplating putting it all in a massive Christmas box which she can simply open. unwrapping is fun but overly wrapped up gifts are  annoying for little ones.

This year I’m hosting a Toddler Christmas party near Christmas.  Bring a plate and bring one unisex gift for a gift exchange. I’m going to set up at least one craft activity plus have my eye on some ideas like a Christmas themed rice tray,  gingerbread playdough,  water play and of course the favoured toy doll house.

I still need to finish my shopping but the ideas are all there. 


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