Ohh the mental pain of a perfectionist mind

So I realised that after Miss Bee had fiddled with my yarn I MIXED UP the order of two colours. I keep looking at yesterday’s retro squares and it pains my eyes.  The pain… The anguish.  The burning question “do I unpick and redo? ” 

I’ve decided that it was kind of cool…  It can be my next “pattern” to flip two colours within a range.  It’s OK… It’s OK… Repeat to myself. It’s perfectly OK. 

The offending order was the darker green aqua and the very soft pale aqua.  I’ll flip it back to be correct then redo that group.  Plus follow that incorrect pattern next round so all the colours in the wheel  have the same “error” as part of their design. I needed ideas anyway so sometimes errors become designs. 

To make it worse in my so far methodical design…  I have additionally started the next set which is now also off by the one swapped colour… So that’s the second “new pattern” after the firsy new pattern. I realised all this while checking which order the blues were in. Which have not yet been put on the edge of that square. That middle colour is supposed to be light pale aqua. Luckily there are heaps of squares to make so it’s not a waste. 


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