Christmas gifts: magnets  project 

I like personal homemade gifts but don’t have alot of free time. This project seemed simple, was practical and not useless or bulky for those already trying to declutter. You can use any art piece or even patterned scrapbook type paper.  If the glass is clear maybe a photo. Although I suspect it may distort with the curve. 

It’s a great way to capture art memories forever. Awesome for grandparents.

What you’ll need:

Giant wishing stones

Paper (I used watercolour washed art made by Miss Bee)

Backing paper

Strong magnets (weaker ones may not hold the weight of the stone)

Glue rated as suitable for glass 

Lather glue on and position the stone. Wait until it’s drying off before cutting out.  I was impatient so did it as soon as it was vaugely stuck.

I had dodgy reverse side to the art so had to use stick glue to attach a backing.  If you use a thicker weight paper or card then skip a backing paper. 

Glue on the magnets. 

After it’s dry admire your talented efforts.  

Pretty simple project wasn’t it?  But it looks cool. 


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