My fruit ice vice

Blackberry ice dessert. 
I’m in total love with my new kitchen appliance called Slice and Ice by Sunbeam. I picked my baby up at Harris Scarfe for $19.95 on a promo special.  It’s paid it’s dues over us buying any frozen commercial desserts. The ice part was originally something I looked at with a bemused quizzical glance as I wanted it for grating and slicing. Which it does an OK job of.  Not great… But alright.  Compared to buying a more expensive food processor it was a bargain.

For some weird reason mine had no instruction booklet.  I had to guess how to use it.  Being a curious person I wanted to try the ice attachment. 

Now that’s the bit I’m in love with. 

I can take any frozen fruit and it churns out fruit ice.  Like a fluffy snow of iced fruit. You can eat as is or do what I do and mix in Greek yogurt to make an ice-cream like dessert which is healthy and so very delicious. 

So far I’ve tried my own frozen fruits of strawberries,  banana,  pineapple,  honey dew melon, mango,  watermelon, mandarins, kiwifruit,  rockmelon and pear.  I’ve also used packaged frozen blackberries. All delicious. 

Now my plan is to fiddle with recipes to make tweaked desserts.  Such as maybe adding a hint of mint to pineapple,  or frozen coconut milk too mango or stewed apple and cinnamon or maybe ginger and stewed pear.  

I’ve even debated on making slushy style margaritas… But that kind of defeats the healthy bonus of frozen fruit.


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