Jingle bells Toddler Christmas shopping song

I’m not sure why but I often make up silly songs too amuse myself.  Parody type songs especially.

This is my ode to Christmas shopping with a toddler sung to the tune of Jingle Bells. 
Dashing to the shops

Toddler by my side

Trying not to stress

Brain is feeling fried. 

She wants some Christmas treats

Starts to throw a fit

All I needed was some milk

I’m so over it. 
Throw a fit 

Throw a fit

Screaming really loud

If you don’t stop this soon 

you’re going to draw a crowd “hey”
Tinsel, stars

Ride on cars

Santa, Christmas tree

We’re nearly done 

We’re nearly done

But now you need to wee.  “yeah ”
Note that the last yeah is said in a droll sarcastic tone.


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