Christmas ornaments 

Miss Bee, daddy and I had an absolute blast with air dry clay. I rolled it and put out stamps and lace doilies with a rolling pin and she made prints. I used all the meta language to enhance this experience.  

After she’d finished printing I offered an ink pad for coloured print making. You could add other items such as leaves, shells, chunky zips, heavily textured fabrics such as knitting or hesian. 

As we were making Christmas ornaments I helped her cut through using a cookie cutter.  The only part I had to really guide was placement of the cutter so it was all on dough (but I explained it then next time she did it independently)  and positioning of the hole for the string.
Once they’re dry I’ll get her to  lather them in glue then a sprinkle of glitter. Sealed with varnish once that dries. 


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