Christmas: Vegetarian GF pecan and cashew “meatloaf” with cranberry glaze


Let me clarify I am not a vegetarian but my older daughter has decided she is.  She and another family member are also gluten free. Lots of recipes included walnuts… Someone else is allergic and mushrooms two others don’t like mushrooms. Repeat after me… I love Christmas cooking. Think of it as a challenge… Kind of like a crazy version of a cooking show. Many recipes I looked up as gluten free included oats, which are not actually gluten free. GF oats are from what I gather are rice based and need cooking before including into recipes.  Those cooked oats don’t appeal to me as a “meatloaf” ingredient.  Trying to filter out recipes with meat,  GF oats, walnuts,  other gluten and mushrooms was frustrating me.

The more recipes I looked at the more I thought they’re pretty much like meatloaf but with lentils and crushed nuts instead of minced meat. Being a game cook and not finding a recipe which suited my fussy family members  I’ve designed my own recipe.


2 tins of drained red lentils (I chose tinned as it not only saved time but are seasoned)

200g pecans

150g cashews

2 eggs

1 small onion

1/2 Tablespoon mixed herbs

1/4 cup dried craisins

2 cloves minced garlic


1/2 jar of cranberry jelly (check it’s GF)

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Turn oven on moderate.

Process cashews so that some are fine others slightly chunky, put into large bowl

Process pecans so that some are fine others slightly chunky, put into large bowl (process separately as they have slightly different density)
Process onion to a fine mince, add to bowl
Tip 1/2 tin drained lentils into big bowl

Process the rest to a paste, add to bowl

Break 2 eggs into the bowl

Add herbs, garlic,  craisins.

Mix thoroughly.

Line a large meatloaf pan with baking paper.  Press mix into tin.

In a small jug or bowl mix cranberry jelly and balsamic vinegar. Spoon over the loaf to evenly cover.

Bake (I had to guess this)  45 minutes. Cool in tin to serve cold. If serving hot I’d think it best to let cool 5 minutes before cutting into thick slices.

This is it cooling in the tin.

Serving suggestion:
Served best with ham, walnuts, mushrooms and fresh non GF bread. Skip the GF oats.



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